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CUE-MATE Procedures  

CUE-MATE Procedures and Pictures for your own Newsletters

The following are items and pictures you can use for newsletters to your own clients.

Loading the Applicator
  1. Retract plunger and barrel fully. Maintain retract position by holding finger grip as shown.
  2. Thread tail of device into keyhole of barrel.
  3. Move applicator to vertical position and drop device into jaws.
  4. Squeeze jaws closed, at the same time sliding the barrel forward into the closed position.

Inserting Cue-Mates
  1. Wipe vulva clean.
  2. Apply veterinary lubricant to loaded applicator.
  3. Insert applicator through vulva and vestibule so tip is well forward in the anterior vagina.
  4. Turn applicator so Cue-Mate is in horizontal position and depress plunger to release Cue-Mate.
  5. Withdraw applicator leaving Cue-Mate well forward.
    Note normal protruding tail length.
  6. Place empty applicator in vet disinfectant between cows.

Removing Cue-Mates
  1. Grip Cue-Mate tail and pull back and sideways until Cue-Mate starts to withdraw. Apply firm pressure. Do not wrench.
  2. As tip of Wishbone emerges from vulva, continue to pull Tail in sideways direction. This allows one pod to emerge at a time and avoids flicking.

Cleaning and Returning Wishbones
  1. Shake off excess mucous and place device in bucket of water.
  2. To surface clean squirt high pressure hose into bucket containing used Cue-Mates until foaming stops (1-2 minutes)
  3. Pods should now be free of mucous.
  4. Remove tail.
  5. Remove pods by gripping flap and rip away from the Wishbone. Dispose safely and keep away from dogs.
  6. Wash wishbones in hot (65° C) alkaline detergent (milking machine detergent is fine). Dispose of any Wishbones not surface clean, damaged or date-stamped 4 years or older. (04 = manufactured in 2004, 05 = yr2005).
  7. Rinse wishbones in clean cold water, dry and store away from direct sunlight in sealed plastic bags.


This site is intended for New Zealand audiences only. Bioniche recommends that prior to
commencing any reproductive program using Cue-Mate the producer
should consult their Veterinarin.

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